U.S. News | UKIPO Rejects Controversial Liverpool Trademark Application

Cancellation of Trademark
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The U.K. Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has denied the controversial bid by Liverpool FC to register a trademark for the name of the city, Liverpool.

The application has ignited lots of negative comments against the action among businesses, local football clubs including the mayor Joe.

Liverpool FC reportedly said in a statement that the IPO’s decision was based primarily on the geographical significance of Liverpool as a city.

“We will, however, continue to aggressively pursue those large-scale operations which seek to illegally exploit our IP and would urge the relevant authorities to take decisive action against such criminal activity wherever it exists,” the club reportedly said.

Liverpool FC reportedly said that the application was solely designed to protect its IP in the context of sporting goods and prevent the spread of counterfeits.

Liverpool FC Chief Executive, Peter Moore reportedly said that “It should be stressed that our application was put forward in good faith and with the sole aim of protecting and furthering the best interests of the club and its supporters.”

In reaction, Harrison Lee, attorney at Potter Clarkson reportedly said that the IPO’s verdict is expected, adding that

“granting a monopoly to the football club to use the name ‘Liverpool’ for goods and services was considered unjust by the IPO, since this might adversely affect the ability of others to indicate the source of their goods or services”.

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