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Trademark dispute between Shipyard Brewing and Legboat, a Columbia craft brewery, has come to an end as Logboat won the trademark infringement lawsuit against it.

Shipyard Brewing Co. sued Logboat Brewing Co. in May 2017, alleging Logboat’s Shiphead Ginger Wheat beer infringed on its trademark with the use of “ship” in the beer’s name. The plaintiff claimed that it is similar to her name and argued the use of “head” in the brew style as infringement on the plaintiff brand because the plaintiff uses that word severally for her brews.

The case was presented before Judge Nanette K. Laughrey who rejected the arguments citing that the words are common to be taken as infringement thereby issuing a summary judgment in favour of Logboat.

The only similarity between the names Shipyard and Shiphead is the term “ship,” “and Shipyard has admitted that ‘ship’ is a generic term, not subject to trademark protection,” Laughery wrote in her ruling.

The judge also debunk the claims of the plaintiff owning to customer confusion of brand adding that both Shipyard beers and Shiphead Ginger Wheat beer are likely to be ‘discerning,’ sophisticated consumers of craft beer, and given that there is little similarity between the names, this factor weighs against finding a likelihood of confusion,” she wrote.

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