U.S. News| Customs and Border Protection Seize Fake Nintendo Games Consoles

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United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) field operation in San Juan have seized 100 counterfeit Nintendo Mini Gaming consoles.

The consoles were found  inside a parcel that originated from Hong Kong to the Rafael Hernandez International Airport. According to CBP, the estimated manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) for the seized products is approximately, $326,000, if the products had been genuine.

To those who may claim that the consoles are not the latest versions on the market, Leida Colón, Associate Director of Field Operations for International Trade states “Manufacturers can maintain their intellectual property rights over products regardless of the passage of time,” said . “Even older games like those on these consoles are protected by law.”

Recently, the San Juan Field Office also confiscated a thousand luxury watches , earrings, Airpods , jewelry and watches , and 844 counterfeit alloy rings .

CBP has an aggressive Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) enforcement program, which targets and confiscates imports of counterfeit and pirated products, and enforces exclusion orders for products that infringe patents and other IPRs.

CBP has established an educational initiative to increase consumer awareness and attention to the consequences and dangers that are often associated with buying counterfeit and pirated products. Information about the Truth Behind Counterfeiting public awareness campaign can be found at here.

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