Trademarks Volume 3 No. 1

Trademarks Vol. 3. No. 1
The NLIPW Trademarks Digests are compilations that highlight articles and papers on intellectual property in Nigeria. Trademarks Volume 3. No. 1 was published on January 31, 2017. The Digest is managed by an Editorial board of Intellectual Property experts. The Digest is published monthly.

1. Stages Involved in Trademark Registration in Nigeria

2. Product Liability: Families to Bring Class Action against Ford in South Africa

3. Nigeria: Top 20 Trademark Filers from 2016

4. USTR Lists Computer Village in Lagos on 2016 Notorious Markets List

5. Apple Files Trademark Application for ‘Tapback’ in Nigeria

6. Nigeria: NAFDAC Set to Establish Mobile Testing Laboratories

7. New Bill Seeks to Create National Endowment for the Arts in Nigeria

8. NIRA Publishes Domain Names Registration Data for Last Quarter of 2016



NLIPW is devoted to promoting awareness about intellectual property rights and deepening discussions on the problem of counterfeiting in Sub-Saharan Africa. To achieve its core objectives, NLIPW is constantly engaged in research to make information readily available to the public in order to prevent infringement of patents, copyrights and trademarks. NLIPW also tracks the activities of regulatory institutions and other organizations that are geared towards promoting public health and safety, and deterring product counterfeiting in various jurisdictions.

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