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(Trademark Issues in Nigeria)

Content Sources

  1. Aelex Legal Practitioners & Arbitrators Website
  2. Templars Barristers & Solicitors Website
  3. Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
  4. University of Jos Nigeria Online Repository
  5. Mondaq

Issues in Intellectual Property Law in Nigeria by Aelex Legal Practitioners & Arbitrators

This article highlights some legal and practical issues concerning pharmaceutical trademarks and patents in Nigeria. Nigerian law provides that a trademark can be registered only for goods or classes of goods in respect of which the owner of the mark has acquired or intends to acquire a reputation for dealing in within Nigeria. The article points out that where goods are dealt in only outside Nigeria, a trademark in respect of such goods cannot be registered in Nigeria unless the owner of the mark has the intention to deal in those goods within Nigeria. The article also looks at what happens in practice  and notes that the Trademarks Registry does not require applicants to produce evidence of such intention which unfortunately makes it quite easy for persons who have no right to a mark to have it registered as their own.

The Legal Regime for International Trademark Protection: An Introduction by Templars Barristers and Solicitors

This paper introduces and discusses the issue of international trademark protection in the context of the Madrid Protocol on the Protection of Trademarks. Section 1 of the paper discusses the meaning and scope of intellectual property. Section 2 briefly introduces the subject of trademarks, while section 3 deals with trade marks protection in Nigeria. Section 4 examines in detail the  regime of international trademarks protection.

Recent Developments in Intellectual Property Law in Nigeria by Ufuoma Barbara Akpotaire, Law & Society: International & Comparative Law eJournal Vol 6, Issue 29, March 7, 2011

This article provides an overview of the developments in the field of Intellectual Property in Nigeria and highlights key issues in 10 recent judgments on intellectual property Law in Nigeria. The cases are organized thematically according to the type of Intellectual Property Rights protected under the Nigerian legal system such as trademarks, copyrights, patents, and designs. Read more

The Concept and Practice of Trademarks in Nigeria: An Overview by D. Jangkam, University of Jos Online Repository, 2002

This paper explores the concept of trademarks including a brief description of trade names, service marks, collective and certification marks. The paper also looks at some of the functions of trademarks, acquisition of rights in trademarks, registration under Part A & B of the Trademarks Act of 1965, and ineligibility of certain marks for registration. In addition, the paper highlights the effect of non-use, assignment of trademarks, change of name and address, infringement of trademarks, remedies for infringement, actions for passing off and the jurisdiction of the court. Read more

Sub-Sahara Africa: Intellectual Property Rights Development by Uche Nwokocha

This article looks at the concept of intellectual property and provides an overview of some of the challenges to the development of intellectual property rights in Sub-Sahara Africa. The article briefly highlights the state of IPRs in South Africa and in the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO). Read more


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