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Classification of Goods and Services in Nigeria:  Below are links to the various trademark classes used by the Trademarks Registry in Nigeria. For the purpose of registration of trademarks, Nigerian law classifies goods and services into 45 Classes in accordance with the Nice international system of classification, established by the Nice Agreement (1957). Perform a trademark search by classification of goods and services.

Trademark Classes

Class 1 - Chemical Used in Industry, Science & Photographs
Class 2 - Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers and Preservatives
Class 3 - Bleaching Preparations, Cosmetics, etc.
Class 4 - Industrial Oils & Greases, Lubricants, Dust Absorbing, etc.
Class 5 - Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Sanitary Preparations etc.
Class 6 - Common Metals and their Alloys, etc.
Class 7 - Machines and Machine Tools, Motors and Engines, etc.
Class 8 - Hand Tools and Implements (Hand Operated), etc.
Class 9 - Scientific, Nautical, Surveying, Photographic, etc.
Class 10 - Surgical, Medical, Dental and Veterinary Apparatus, etc.
Class 11 - Apparatus for Lighting, Heating, Refrigerating, etc.
Class 12 - Vehicles; Apparatus for Locomotion by Land, Air, or Water.
Class 13 - Firearms; Ammunition and Projectiles; Explosives; Fireworks
Class 14 - Precious Metals and their Alloys and Goods in Precious Metals, etc.
Class 15 - Musical Instruments
Class 16 - Paper and Cardboard
Class 17 - Rubber, Gutta-Percha, Gum, Asbestos, Mica and Goods, etc.
Class 18 - Leather and Imitations of Leather, etc.
Class 19 - Building Materials (non-metallic); Nonmetallic Rigid Pipes for Building etc.
Class 20 - Furniture, Mirrors, Picture Frames; Goods etc.
Class 21 - Household or Kitchen Utensils and Containers; Combs, etc.
Class 22 - Ropes, String, Nets, Tents, Awnings, Tarpaulins, Sails, etc.
Class 23 - Yarns and Threads, for Textile Use.
Class 24 - Textiles and Textile Goods, not Included in other Classes, etc.
Class 25 - Clothing, Footwear, Headgear
Class 26 - Lace and Embroidery, Ribbons and Braid; Buttons, Hooks, etc.
Class 27 - Carpets, Rugs, Mats and Matting, Linoleum, etc.
Class 28 - Games and Playthings; Gymnastic and Sporting Articles, etc.
Class 29 - Meat, Fish, Poultry and Game; Meat Extracts; Preserved, etc
Class 30 - Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Sugar, Rice, Tapioca, Sago, Artificial Coffee, etc.
Class 31 - Agricultural, Horticultural and Forestry Products, etc.
Class 32 - Beers, Mineral and Aerated Waters
Class 33 - Alcoholic Beverages (except beers), Wines, Spirits and Liqueur
Class 34 - Tobacco; Smokers’ Articles; Matches.
Class 35 - Advertising; Business Management; Business Administration.
Class 36 - Insurance, Financial Affairs, Monetary Affairs & Real Estate Affairs
Class 37 - Building Construction; Repair; Installation Services.
Class 38 - Telecommunication.
Class 39 - Transport; Packaging and Storage of Goods; Travel Arrangement.
Class 40 - Treatment of Materials
Class 41 - Education; Providing of Training; Entertainment; Sporting, etc
Class 42 - Scientific and Technological Services and Research, etc.
Class 43 - Services for Providing Food and Drinks, etc.
Class 44 - Medical Services; Veterinary Services; Hygienic, etc.
Class 45 - Legal Services; Security Services for the Protection of Property, etc.

*This database is for information purposes only and is not the official register for trademarks in Nigeria. The official register is kept at the Registrar’s office in Abuja, Nigeria. Whilst NLIPW takes all reasonable care in the provision of this service, our organization will not be liable for errors or omissions in the data or for any consequences arising from such errors or omissions, including any loss which may be incurred as a result of reliance on the data. Business decisions should not be made based on this trademark search alone. To begin the process of registering trademark in Nigeria, please click here

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