Trademark Watch Service

The Trademark Watching Service at Nigerian Law Intellectual Property Watch Inc. (NLIPW) provides updates on newly filed and published trademark applications in Nigeria.

Our watching specialist monitor trademark applications and notify trademark owners of similar or identical marks, ensuring they have adequate time to prepare their opposition. This service is critical to brand protection in Nigeria. For more information, email

Click here to view our online database of Trademarks filed in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Law Intellectual Property Watch (NLIPW) Trademark Search Database makes it easy for anyone to perform a trademark search by Name, Class, Application or Filing Number, Applicant’s Name, or by Filing Date. The Database contains a list of trademark applications filed in Nigeria. Users of the database can view results as a list. The results are viewable as 10, 25, 50, 100 or All. NLIPW serves as a great trademark watch resource in Nigeria