Trademark Class 34: Tobacco and Smoking Products

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September 18, 2016 –In order to register a trademark in Nigeria, you must select at least one or more of the 45 classes. Each class represents a distinct class of goods or services and for each application, you must pay a separate registration fee.

If you are registering a trademark for tobacco or smoking products in Nigeria, your application should be filed in Class 34, although you may also file in additional classes depending on the product and your brand.

Class 34 pertains to tobacco, smokers’ articles and matches.

You would NOT use Class 34 if you were registering:

  • Pharmaceuticals (Class 5)
  • Coffee, Rice or Tea (Class 30)
  • Leather and Imitations of Leather (Class 18)
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages (Class 32)

The following goods must be classified under Class 34: absorbent paper for tobacco pipes; ashtrays for smokers; books of cigarette papers; chewing tobacco; cigar cutters; cigar cases; cigar holders; cigarette tips; cigarette filters; cigarette papers; cigarettes containing tobacco substitutes, not for medical purposes; cigarettes; cigars; electronic cigarettes; gas containers for cigar lighters; match holders; matches; mouthpieces for cigarette holders; snuff; pipe racks for tobacco pipes; oral vaporizers for tobacco pipes; tobacco; tobacco pouches; tobacco jars, tobacco pipes etc.

To view current examples of trademarks filed in Class 34 in Nigeria, please click here.

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