Search trademark cases. Below is a list of cases that deal with issues of concern to trademark protection in Nigeria. The trademark cases listed below cover various aspects of trademark law including Trademark Infringement, Trademark Protection, Locus Standi,  Passing-Off, Product Liability and consumer protection, Anton Piller Orders, Likelihood of Confusion or Deception, Remedies for Trademarks Infringement, Long and Extensive Use, etc.

Case NameFocus Area
Alban Pharmacy Ltd. v. Sterling Products International Inc.Application to Register a Trademark.
Alliance International Ltd. v. Saam Kolo International Enterprises LimitedTrademark Infringement, Design Registration, Concept and Definition of a Trademark as Distinct from a Design.
American Cyanamid Company v. Vitality Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Trademark Infringement, Priority of Registration, Continuous Use.
Anton Piller KG v. Manufacturing Process Ltd. (Foreign Case)Anton Piller Orders
Ayman Enterprises Ltd. v. Akuma Industries Ltd.Section 3 of the Trademarks Act, Passing-Off.
Beecham Group Ltd. v. Esdee Food Products Ltd.Trademark Infringement, Remedies for Trademark Infringement
Beecham Group Plc. v. General Nutrition Ltd.Registration and User of Trademarks, Long and Extensive User, Notice of Opposition, Lapse of a Trademark
Bell Sons and Co. v. Godwin Aka & Anor.Trademark Infringement, Likelihood of Deception, Application to Register a Trademark
Boardman v. Guinness (Nig.) LtdProduct Liability, Consumer Protection
British American Tobacco (Nig.) Ltd. v. International Tobacco Company Plc. (CA/IL/29/2011)Trademark Infringement
Cadbury Nigeria Plc & Ors v. Federal Republic of NigeriaImproper Service, Locus Standi, Drugs and Related Products Regulation
Chemiron Industries Ltd. v. Ranmax Laboratories Nig. Ltd. & 5 ors.Trademark Infringement and Passing off, Trademarks and Colours
Continental Pharmaceutical Ltd. (CPL) Industries Ltd v. Sterling Products Nig. Plc and SmithKline BeechamTrademark Infringement, Passing-off, Copyright in Artistic work
C. N. Ekwuogor Investment (Nig.) Ltd. V. Asco Investment Ltd.Locus Standi
Densy Industries (Nig) Ltd. v. UzokweRegistrable Designs, Section 13(1)(a) Patents and Designs Act, Burden of Proof
Donoghue v. Stevenson (Foreign Case)Product Liability, Consumer Protection
Duru v. NwosuAppeal Courts and Witnesses
Dyketrade Ltd. v. Omnia (Nig.) Ltd.Trademark Infringement, Passing-off of Unregistered Trademarks, Interlocutory Injunctions
Dyson Ltd. v. Registrar of Trademarks (Foreign Case)Trademark Registration
ECWA Productions Ltd. v. AkanduStatutory Right to Sue
Edward Okwejiminor v. G. Gbakeji and Nigerian Bottling Company Plc.Product Liability, Consumer Protection
Elecktrotechnische Fabrik Schmidt and Co. v. Bateria Slany Narodni PodnicTrademark Registration
F.O. Ajibowo Co Ltd. v. Western Mills Ltd.Design Infringement
Falobi v. FalobiConflicting Counter Affidavits, Need for Oral Evidence to Resolve Conflict
Ferodo Ltd. and Ferodo Nigeria Ltd. v. Ibeto Industries Ltd.Trademark Infringement, Distinctiveness, Industrial Design
Ferodo Ltd. v. Unibros StoresAnton Piller Orders
Frank Reddaway Ltd. & Coy. Ltd v. George Banham & Coy (Foreign Case)Descriptive Term
Global Soap & Detergent Industries Ltd v. NAFDACPassing-Off, Cause of Action, Abuse of Court Process
Group Danone & Anor. v. Voltic (Nigeria) LimitedTrademark Infringement
Honda Motors Co. & Anor v. Bright Motors & 4 Ors.Gray Market Goods
Honda Place Ltd. V Globe Motors Ltd.Gray Market Goods
Ifeajuna v. IfeajunaJoinder of Issues on Pleadings
IML Air-chartering Nig. Ltd v. IML International Messengers Nig. Ltd.Passing-off
In The Matter of Trademark “DASH”
Trademark Opposition
In The Matter of Trademark “SEMPERMED”
Trademark Opposition
In The Matter of Trademark “TIDE” v. “TIDI”Trademark Opposition
International Pageant Films Ltd and anor v. Nigerian Copyright Commission and ors. (FHC/ABJ/CS/591/2013)Trademark and Copyright Infringement
International Pageant Films Ltd and anor v. Nigerian Copyright Commission and ors.
Trademark and Copyright Infringement
International Tobacco (Nig.) Ltd v. British American Tobacco (Nig.) Ltd. (CA/IL/54/2007)Trademark Infringement
International Tobacco Company Plc. v. British American Tobacco (Nig.) Ltd. & Anor. (CA/IL/43/2012)Trademark Infringement
International Tobacco Company Plc. v. NAFDACInterpretation of NAFDAC Decree No. 15 of 1993, Food and Drug Act
Iyke Merchandise v. Pfizer Inc. & Anor.Trademark Infringement and Passing-off
Iyabi-Ayah v. AyahLocus Standi
Iyaji v. EyigebeGrounds of Appeal and Issues for Determination
Jatau v. Mansur Ahmed & Ors.Grounds of Appeal and Issues for Determination
Kraft Foods Holdings Inc. v. Allied Biscuits Co. Ltd.Trademark Registration and Removal from Trademarks Register
Liberty Records Incorporated & Another v. M.Y. OwotutuRetrospective Law
L'Oréal v Bellurey (Foreign Case)Trademark Infringement
London Lubricants (1920) Ltd’s application (Tripcastroid) - (Foreign Case)Trademark Infringement
Madumere v. Ole Okafor & Ors.Grounds of Appeal and Issues for Determination
Maersk Line Anor v. Addide Investment Limited & Anor.Trademarks and Trade Names
Magdalena Securities Ltds' applicationTrademark Infringement, Visual and Sound Comparison of Trademarks
Messrs Keregbe Kpa and Nuka Livingstone v. Nigerian Bottling CompanyProduct Liability, Damages, Negligence, Res Ipsa Loquitor, and Consumer Protection
Metropolitan Industries (Nig.) Ltd v. Industrial Application (Nig.) Ltd.Design Infringement
Nabisco Inc. v. Allied Biscuits Company Ltd.Passing-off
Nathaniel Ebelamu v. Guinness Nigeria Ltd.Product Liability, Consumer Protection
Ndiwe v. OkochaGrounds of Appeal and Issues for Determination
Niger Chemists v. Nigeria ChemistsTrademark Infringement, Likelihood of Confusion.
Nigerian Breweries Plc. v. Pabod Breweries Ltd. & Anor.Trademark Infringement
Nigerian Breweries Plc. v. David AuduProduct Liability, Consumer Protection
Nigerian Bottling Company v. Constance Obi NgonadiProduct Liability, Consumer Protection
Nigerian Bottling Company v. Demola OlarewajuProduct Liability, Consumer Protection
Nigerian Bottling Company Plc. v. Edward Okwejiminor v. G. GbakejiProduct Liability, Consumer Protection
Nigerian Bottling Company v. Edwin EzeifoProduct Liability, Damages, Negligence, Res Ipsa Loquitor, Product Liability and Consumer Protection
Oduntan v. General Oil Ltd.Injunctions
Oguma v. International Bank for West Africa (IBWA)General Denial
Ojukwu v. Louisa Chinyere OjukwuRight to Institute Proceedings
Okenwa v. Military Government of Imo StateLocus Standi
Okike v. L.P.D.C (Court of Appeal)Unchallenged or Uncontroverted Evidence
Okike v. L.P.D.C (Supreme Court)Unchallenged or Uncontroverted Evidence
Okonkwo v. Guinness Nigeria Ltd.Product Liability, Consumer Protection
Oladele v. AromolaranDuty of an Appellate Court
Oleeve Nig. Ltd. & Anor. v. Dormath Trading Co. Ltd & Anor.Trademark and Design Infringement, Passing-off
Omnia Nigeria Ltd. v. Dyketrade Ltd.Section 3 of the Trademarks Act, Passing-Off
Osafile v. Paul OdiStatement of Defence: Traverse
Osemobor v. Niger Biscuits Co. Ltd and Nassars & SonsProduct Liability, Consumer Protection
Padawa v. Agmada JatauGround of Appeal
Paterson Zochonis (PZ) Ltd. v. A.B. Chami and Company Ltd.Trademark Infringement and Likelihood of Confusion
Paterson Zochonis (PZ) Ltd. v. Merfaken Packaging LtdTrademark Infringement
Patkun Industries Ltd v. Niger Shoes Manufacturing Co. Ltd.Proviso to Section 3 of the Trademarks Act
Pfizer Specialties Limited v. Chyzob Pharmacy Limited & Ors.Locus Standi, Reasonable Cause of Action, Jurisdiction
Procter & Gamble v. Global Soap & Detergent Industries Ltd. & Anor.Section 9 of the Trademarks Act, Removal of Trademarks, Non-Use, Rectification of Register, Generic marks
Procter & Gamble v. Global Soap & Detergent Industries Ltd. & Anor.Registration of Trademarks in Nigeria
Qualitex Co. v. Jacobson Products Co. (Foreign Case)Trademark Infringement
Re Sandow (Foreign Case)Trademark Infringement
Registered Trustees of Intellectual Property Lawyers Association v. The Registrar, Trademarks, Patents and Designs and Anor.Online Accreditation, Online Trademark Registration, Trademarks in Nigeria
Samuel Fadiora & Anor. v. Festus Gbadebo & Anor.Registration of Contract: National Office of Industrial Property Decree No. 70 of 1979
Seven Up Bottling Company Plc v. Mr. Aluko Olusola EmmanuelConsumer Protection, Negligence, Product Liability
Seven-Up Company v. O-So-Grape Co. (Foreign Case)Trademark Infringement
Sintak Nigeria Limited v. Nigerian Bottling CompanyDesign and Copyright Infringement
Smithkline Beecham v. Farmex Ltd.Trademark Infringement, Generic Trademarks
Societe BIC S.A. v. Charzin Industries LimitedTrademark Infringement, Passing-off, Jurisdiction of Court
Societe Bic. S.A. v. O Davis Nig. LtdTrademark Infringement
Societe Des Products Nestles S.A. and Nestle Foods Nigeria Plc. v. Consolidated Food Beverages Ltd.
Trademark Infringement
State v. John OgbubunjoError by the Lower Court
Sule v. Nigerian Cotton BoardMaster and Servant Employment, Landlord and Tenant, Jurisdiction
Taofik Oyefolu & Ors. v. Abayomi A. DurosinmiError by the Lower Court
The Republic v. Registrar of Trademarks -- In re Messrs. David Garrick & Co.Refusal by the Registrar to Register Trademark, Failure of Apply for Hearing
Trebor Nigeria Limited v. Associated LimitedPassing-off
Two Pesos, Inc. v. Taco Cabana, Inc. (Foreign Case)Trade dress
UBN Ltd v. Odusote Bookstore Ltd.Awards
UDIH v. IdemudiaBurden of Proof in Trademark Infringement Cases
Union Beverages Ltd. v. Pepsicola International Ltd. & Ors.Trademark Infringement
Uzokwe v. Densy Industries (Nig) Ltd.Design Registration
Valucard Nigeria Plc v. Registrar of Trademarks and Anor.Trademark Registration
Virgin Enterprises Ltd. v. Richday Beverages (Nig) Ltd.Trademark Infringement, Passing-off
Visafone Communications Limited v. Musical Copyright Society Nigeria (Ltd/GTe)Determination by a Court of Appeal
Voltic Nigeria Limited v. Groupe Danone & Anor.Trademark Infringement, Passing-off
Zeneca Ltd. v. Jagal Pharma Ltd.Trademark Infringement
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