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SIRI – Trademark Details

February 6, 2015 Bob Aroture

           «back to Class 1         ¦¦       Continue to Trademark Search Database» To access current information relating to the status of this trademark, please conduct an official search at the Trademarks, Patents and Designs Registry […]

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Intellectual Property Editorial

Small and Medium Enterprises and Legal Reforms

July 15, 2013 Bob Aroture

NLIPW Trademarks Law Volume 1 Number 9 eDigest  (SMEs and Legal Reforms) July 15, 2013 Content Sources Social Science Research Network (SSRN) African Journals Online ResearchGate Encouraging Small and Medium Scale Enterprises through Trademarks Licensing […]

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Intellectual Property & Technological Change

May 19, 2013 Bob Aroture

NLIPW Trademark Law Volume 1 Number 5 eDigest (Intellectual Property & Technological Change) May 19, 2013 Content Sources Economic Growth Center, Yale University – Center Discussion Paper No. 83 Pubget African Centre for Technology Studies […]

Intellectual Property Editorial

Industrial Designs & Anton Pillar Orders

May 6, 2013 Bob Aroture

NLIPW Trademark Law Volume 1 Number 4 eDigest (Industrial Designs & Anton Pillar Orders) May 6, 2013 Content Sources Mondaq Social Science Research Network (SSRN) International Journal of Advanced Legal Studies and Governance Anton Piller […]

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