Standards Organisation of Nigeria Raids Wuse Market in Abuja

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November 14, 2016 — According to reports, the Standard Organisations of Nigeria (SON) has carried out an inspection and raids at various location in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja including the popular Wuse Market. SON is responsible for standardizing and regulating the quality of all products in Nigeria.

The organization as part of the inspection and raids confiscated a number of substandard goods including products such as razor blades and shaving sticks. Officials of the organisations branch office in Abuja, headed by Dr. Bartholomew Ugwu, spoke to journalist about the reason for the raid and what they hoped to achieve. According to Dr. Ugwu, their intent while confiscating the substandard goods was for the market raid to send a strong signal to manufacturers of those product as well as the traders that such sharp practices would not be tolerated in Nigeria. Dr. Ugwu staed that the raid was in continuance of SON’s campaign against substandard items. He disclosed that in addition to seizures, the organisation also arrested some of the traders suspected to be behind the menace. He stressed the importance of providing a warning signal to those involved in the sharp practices adding that they would be brought to book.

“We have been enlightening the public and this is a way to ensure that the organisation can bark and bite at the same time. The market raid is to send signal to people that it is no more business as usual,” he said.

Since the start of the year, the Standard Organization of Nigeria has carried out several raids at various markets across the country including states like Niger and Imo States in a bid to rid the markets of substandard products and materials.

Source: The Daily Times

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