June 19, 2018

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2016-01-27 F/TM/O/2016/72289
Havells India Ltd
1 Raj Narain Marg, Civil Lines, Delhi 110054,  India,India
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Electric switches, digital dimmings, circuit breakers, digital circuit breakers, electric wires and cables, meters (recording), ammeters, voltmeters, capacitors, contactors,   electric relays, distribution boards, fuses (electric), thermostats, Starters for electric lamps, electronic starters for fluorescent lamps; ballasts for lamps and lighting fittings, electrical transformers for use with lighting; lighting transformers; UV photocells; Discharge tubes, electric, other than for lighting; Tubes (Electric discharge), other than for lighting; radio-receiving apparatus, radio-transmission apparatus; vacuum gauges, vacuum measuring instruments, electron tube testing apparatus, , distribution box, switchgear and control gear – switchboards, switchboxes [electricity], Terminals [electricity], Theft prevention installations Electric, Time switches automatic, Electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations, Light emitting  diodes.

Class 7 (F/TM/O/2016/72285) – Machines and parts of machines for the lighting industry; machines for the manufacture of electric lamps and of electric lighting apparatus; machines for the mechanical   handling and working of glass; machines and machines tools; electric-welding controls ; motors and engines (except for land vehicles); starters and fans for motors and engines; industrial control apparatus for machines; engines or motors; machine coupling and transmission components (except for land vehicles); electric generators and electric motors; pumps, motors, engines; hydraulic or pneumatic control devices for heating, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, air-conditioning and water supply apparatus; Ironing machines, Mixer Grinders, Choppers, blenders, parts for all the aforesaid  goods.

Class 11 (F/TM/O/2016/72290) –  Apparatus and installations for lighting, fluorescent light tubes, lights bulbs, lamps, filaments for lamps, arc lamps, electric discharge tubes for lighting, Tubes (Discharge)   electric for lighting , lamp casings, lamp glass, lamp hanging supports, lamp reflectors, lamp shade, luminous tubes for lighting, sockets for electric lights, torches, search lights, lights and lamps for cosmetic purposes, lamps for tanning purposes, CFL, fans, air-conditioning and water supply apparatus, water heaters, Toaster, Microwave, Ovens, Kettles (electric), Coffee Maker (Electric), Lighting Apparatus utilizing Light emitting  diodes.

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