Rubik’s Cube Maker Sues Toys “R” Us Over Quick Cube

Rubik Cube
Image Source: Pixabay

London-based Rubik’s Brand Ltd has filed a suit against Duncan Toys and Toys “R” Us to put a stop to the sale of a puzzle cube, which Duncan calls “Quick Cube.”

According to the complaint, which was filed last week at the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, Duncan’s 3X3 cube “mimics the features and overall appearance” of the Rubik’s Cube, mainly differing in its colors and “slight rounding” of the corners.

Rubik’s Brand, alleges that the sale of Quick Cube amounts to trademark infringement and unfair competition, and that Toys “R” Us was also liable for selling Duncan’s cubes.

“Consumers who expect to receive plaintiff’s Rubik’s Cube puzzle, for which plaintiff has developed a national and international reputation, will be disappointed when using defendants’ imitation,” which causes “irreparable harm” to Rubik’s Brand’s reputation and goodwill, the complaint said.

Rubik’s Brand is seeking to recoup alleged illegal profits and triple damages, and the destruction of unauthorized cubes.

The case is currently pending.

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