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Chapter C28

Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004

An Act to make provisions for the definition, protection, transfer, infringement of and remedy and penalty thereof of the copyright in literary works, musical works, artistic works, cinematograph films, sound recordings, broadcast, and other ancillary matters.

Arrangement of Sections

Part I


  1. Works eligible for copyright.
  2. Copyright by virtue of nationality or domicile.
  3. Copyright by reference to country of origin.
  4. Copyright in works of Government, State Authorities and International bodies.
  5. Copyright by reference to international agreements
  6. General nature of copyright.
  7. Nature of copyright in sound recording.
  8. Nature of copyright in broadcast.
  9. Broadcasting of works incorporated in cinematograph films.
  10. First ownership of copyright.
  11. Assignment and licence.
  12. Right to claim ownership.
  13. Right to share in proceeds of sale.
  14. Duty of printer, etc. to keep register.
  15. Infringement of copyright.
  16. Action for infringement.
  17. Limitation of the right of action
  18. Conversion rights.
  19. Infringement actionable as breach of statutory duty.
  20. Criminal liability.
  21. Anti-piracy measures
  22. Offence by bodies corporate.
  23. Penalties for making false entries.
  24. Civil and criminal actions may be simultaneous.
  25. Order for inspection and seizure.
Part II

Neighbouring Rights

  1. Performer’s right
  2. Duration of performer’s right
  3. Infringement of performer’s right.
  4. Infringement of performer’s right actionable.
  5. Criminal liability in respect of infringement of performer’s right.
  6. Protection of expressions of folklore.
  7. Infringement of folklore.
  8. Criminal Liability in respect of infringement of folklore
    Part III

Administration of Copyright

  1. Establishment of the Nigerian Copyright Commission.
  2. Establishment, membership and functions of the Governing Board.
  3. Appointment of the Director and other staff of the Council.
  4. Copyright Licensing Panel.
  5. Copyright Inspectors
  6. Collecting Society.
  7. Levy on Copyright Material
Part IV


  1. Reciprocal extension of protection.
  2. Admission of affidavit evidence.
  3. Presumptions.
  4. Restriction of importation of printed copies.
  5. Regulations.
  6. Jurisdiction
  7. Limitation of suit against the commission
  8. Service of documents.
  9. Restriction on execution against the property of the commission.
  10. Power of the Minister to give directives
  11. Interpretation.
  12. Repeals and transitional, etc. provisions.
  13. Short title.

First Schedule: Terms of Copyright

      Second Schedule; Exceptions from Copyright Control

        Third Schedule; Special Exceptions in respect of Records of Sound Recording

      Fourth Schedule: Compulsory Licences for Translation and Reproduction of Certain Works

      Fifth Schedule: Transition and Savings Provision

CHAPTER C 28 Subsidiary Legislation

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