NAFDAC Public Alert Notice: Recall of Seven (7) Batches of Cefriaxone Injection and Fake Chinese Medicines

November 10, 2014 — The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has issued a public alert, recalling seven (7) batches of Ceftriaxone Injection, 10g vial (DIN 02325632), due to the presence of visible particulate matter in some vials of the drug product observed upon reconstitution. The affected batches of the Ceftriaxone injection are: 4CN1349CA, 4CN1350CA, 4CN1351CA, 4CN1352CA, 4CN1353CA, 4CN1354CA and 4CN1355CA

According to NAFDAC, if this particulate matter is infused, it could lead to inflammation, phlebitis, allergic response, and /or thrombo-embolism and death.

NAFDAC also announced the recall of two unregistered proprietary Chinese medicines (pCms), labeled as Jin Bei Brand Lu Shen Wan (Lu Shen Wan) with registration number: HKP – 03253, and Heart Tonic Pills with registration number: HKP-12601. The drugs were produced for the treatment of tonsillitis and palpitation respectively. The registration holder of these two pCms is the Hong Kong Medicine Manufactory, which had its manufacturer’s licence in pCms become invalid in April 2014.

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