HIV/AIDS & Intellectual Property

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NLIPW Patents Law Volume 1 Number 3


 (HIV/AIDS & Intellectual Property)

April 1, 2013

Content Sources

  1. British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
  2. and SSRN
  3. Research Gate

HIV Pharmacotherapy Issues, Challenges, and Priorities in Sub-Saharan African Countries by Charles C. Maponga,  Qing Ma, Judianne C. Slish, and Gene D. Morse

This review outlines key examples of emerging HIV pharmacotherapy issues, challenges, and priorities within resource-limited settings in order to lay groundwork for potential enhancement of international research collaboration efforts. View full paper

HIV and AIDS in Africa: Compulsory Licensing Under TRIPS and DOHA Declaration by Ufuoma Barbara Akpotaire, December 2010

This paper examines the importance of compulsory licensing to facilitate access to life-serving medications for Africans and explores the global debate on the TRIPS Agreement and public health. Specifically, it focuses on the implications, and limitations, of the Doha Declaration to compulsory licensing. The paper further makes recommendations for narrowing the divergence between the needs of HIV/AIDS patients and the protection of patent holders Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). View full paper

The Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights Agreement of 1994 and its Amendment have mapped out the TRIPS options for solving the obstacles to access to drugs, especially in developing countries, while maintaining the incentive role for R & D of the patent system. This article argues that the success of the TRIPS options will be very slim if their implementation is not tailored to the peculiarities of various countries and or hindered by the internal factors described as the Non-TRIPS factors. The article points out these internal factors needs to be addressed within the context of Nigeria for drugs and healthcare to be made accessible and affordable to the populace. View full paper


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