Search patent cases. Below is a list of cases that deal with issues of concern to patent application and protection in Nigeria. This document contains a brief summary of the recent cases on patent law in Nigeria.

Case NameFocus Area
Arewa Textiles Plc v. Finetex Ltd.Patent Infringement, Jurisdiction of Court
Bedding Holdings Ltd. v. Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) & Ors.Patent Infringement
Beijing Cotec New Technology Corp. & Anor v. Greenlife Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd.Patent Infringement
Ifeajuna v. IfeajunaJoinder of Issues on Pleadings
Iyabi-Ayah v. AyahLocus Standi
Iyaji v. EyigebeGrounds of Appeal and Issues for Determination
Jatau v. Mansur Ahmed & Ors.Grounds of Appeal and Issues for Determination
Madumere v. Ole Okafor & Ors.Grounds of Appeal and Issues for Determination
Medimmune Ltd. v. Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd & Anor. (Foreign Case)Patent Infringement
Oguma v. International Bank for West Africa (IBWA)General Denial
Ojukwu v. Louisa Chinyere OjukwuRight to Institute Proceedings
Okenwa v. Military Government of Imo StateLocus Standi
Okike v. L.P.D.C. (Court of Appeal)Unchallenged or Uncontroverted Evidence
Okike v. L.P.D.C (Supreme Court)Unchallenged or Uncontroverted Evidence
Oladele v. AromolaranDuty of an Appellate Court
Padawa v. Agmada JatauGround of Appeal
Pfizer Incorporation v. Polyking Pharmaceutical Limited and Anor.Patent Infringement
Pfizer Limited v. Tyonex Nigeria Limited & AnorPatent Infringement
Ranbaxy (UK) Ltd. v. AstraZeneca AB (Foreign Case)Patent Infringement
State v. John OgbubunjoError by Lower Court
Taofik Oyefolu & Ors. v. Abayomi A. DurosinmiError by Lower Court
UBN Ltd v. Odusote Bookstore Ltd.Awards
Case NameFocus Area
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