Frequently Asked Questions about NAFDAC – Issue 1


I wish to register a product with NAFDAC – Where do I start?

The first step will be to purchase the application form from NAFDAC and review the applicable guidelines or regulations. You may want to get an attorney who is experienced in registering products with NAFDAC as the process can often be very complicated even for skilled attorneys.

Where is NAFDAC office located?

NAFDAC has corporate and state offices located in several states. For a complete list of the state offices, please click here.

Where can I find the list of registered products?

In the past, NAFDAC maintained a list of registered products on its website. However, that portion of the website is no longer active. You may consider reaching out to the NAFDAC office nearest to your location.

I came across some product counterfeiters, how can I notify the authorities?

You can report to any NAFDAC office and Enforcement Directorate. Alternatively you may choose to call NAFDAC hotlines.

If my product is approved by NAFDAC can I sell it outside Nigeria?

No you cannot immediately export your product for sale outside Nigeria even with a NAFDAC number. You must first comply with the laws and regulations of the country you intend to export the goods by seeking registration where necessary.

My product has been approved for sale by the India FDA and USFDA can I simply register my trademark in Nigeria and start selling my product?

No you cannot. You must obtain NAFDAC registration before food and drug products can be permitted to be sold in Nigeria. You are also not allowed to import samples of the product without first obtaining approval from NAFDAC.

I started a small snacks business initially for friends and family but word got around and now I sell to colleagues and other interested parties. My business is relatively small, do I need a NAFDAC number.

Yes, you do. If you are producing food products for consumption by the public, you must first obtain NAFDAC registration. NAFDAC requires this to ensure the health and safety of the public.

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  1. Please I want to import diapers from Europe and it has been certified by SON do I need to register. With nafdac since it is neither drug nor food,if I do,will nafdac seize my product if I only have SON certificates?

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