Nintendo Ordered to Pay iLife $10 Million for Patent Infringement

Image Source: Pixabay

A jury in Dallas, Texas has awarded $10 million to iLife after concluding that Nintendo of America infringed the company’s patented motion-sensing accelerometer technology.

iLife filed the patent infringement suit about four years ago alleging that Nintendo had used its technology for the Wii Remote controllers.

iLife’s technology was designed for a different purpose i.e to detect if a person has fallen down and to monitor babies for Sudden Infant Death (SID) syndrome. It had originally sought for $144 million in damages, or $4 for each Wii sold before iLife filed the lawsuit. It also sought to bring an injunction against Nintendo’s use of the motion-sensing technology.

Glixel reports that Nintendo has officially responded to the verdict. In a statement they reported stated that they disagree with the decision and as they did not infringe iLife’s patent — and that the patent itself in “invalid.”

“Nintendo looks forward to raising those issues with the district court and with the court of appeals.”

It is anticipated that Nintendo will appeal the decision.

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