Nigerian Copyright Commission to Launch New Online Registration System

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NECRSJuly 9, 2014 — On July 25, the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) will formally launch a new online registration system named the Nigerian Copyright e-Registration System (NCeRS).

NCeRS seeks to improve on the existing optional Copyright Notification scheme which was established in 2007 to enable creators of copyright works or persons who have acquired rights in these works to register such interests with the Commission.

According to the NCC, the new system will be available on August 1, 2014, through a portal via the Commission’s website or a dedicated URL that will be provided at a later date. The system will allow users to search the NCeRS database for information relating to registered copyright works or authors; protection for copyright works of Nigerian authors in all countries who are signatory to international copyright conventions to which Nigeria is a signatory and will offer flexible payment methods for services.

At the beginning of last year, the Commission had announced that it had issued 270 Copyright Notification Certificates in respect of sound recording, literary works, cinematograph works, artistic works, transfer of rights in literary works and sound recording.

To view the NCC’s press release, please click here


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