Nigeria: Trademark Registry Releases a Workplan for Processing Backlog of Recordals


June 23, 2015, Abuja, Nigeria — The Trademarks, Patents and Designs Registry in Nigeria recently announced that it has developed a work plan to roll-out the following recordal types, paid for and filed online using the request form system.

  1. Assignment
  2. Merger
  3. Change of name
  4. Change of address
  5. Renewal
  6. Registered user
  7. Other types.

According to the registry, the workplan has four core objectives. They are listed below:

  1. Collate the total number of pending applications for recordals and certificates(online and manual)
  2. Process them using the new recordal platform.
  3. Print out certificates where applicable
  4. Notify and dispatch documents to agents/applicants.

Below is the  timetable released by the Registry for processing backlog of recordals and certificates.

June July August September
1 Manual certificates x x x x
2 Online certificates x x x x
3 Change of name x x x
4 Change of address x x x
5 Assignment x x
6 Merger x
7 Renewal x x


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