Nigeria Celebrates No Music Day!

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September 1, 2014 — On September 1 of every year, Nigeria celebrates No Music Day in order to draw attention to the widespread infringement of copyright as it affects the rights of performers, bands, music composers, recording artists, song writers, music publishers and other creative people in the music industry.

To mark the day, the Nigerian Music Industry Coalition requested that all broadcast and radio stations across the country not broadcast music between the hours of 9am – 10am.  Stations were encouraged to use the time for discussions, debates, interviews and documentaries on the state of intellectual property rights and the rights of creative people in Nigeria.  Newspapers and magazines were also encouraged to do special features to mark the day.

The Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) opened up a comment section for members of the public to share their thoughts about what the world would be like without music and announced that it will fly its flags at half-mast in commemoration of the day.  COSON also announced that it will hold a bonfire of pirated materials at it’s headquarters.


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