New Rules for Renewal of Trademarks in Ethiopia

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May 23, 2016 — The Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office (EIPO) has issued a Notice requiring owners of trademarks whose trademarks are up for renewal to ensure that the renewals are published in the official gazette and also in a local newspaper.

The notice seeks to enforce the Regulation of Renewal of Trademarks as detailed in Part 5 (No. 25) of the 2006 Trademark Registration and Protection Proclamation Act.

No. 25 of the Act provides information on the publication requirement for trademarks.

25. Renewal of Registration

1/ Registration of a trademark may, upon request of the owner, be renewed for consecutive periods of seven years.  The owner of the trademark shall attach a document showing the payment of renewal fee prescribed by the regulations.

2/ At the time of the renewal, no change may be made in the trademark or in the list of goods or services in respect of which the trademark is registered, except that certain goods or services may be eliminated from the list.

3/ Renewal of the Registration of a trademark shall be made within three months after the expiry of the registration period; provided however, that after the expiry of the three months period, the registration may be renewed within the next seven months, by paying in addition to the regular renewal fee, a penalty prescribed by the Regulations.

4/ The Office shall record renewal of the registration and notify same in an intellectual property gazette, or in a newspaper having nationwide circulation, or in a radio or television or website at the cost of the owner of the trademark.

5/ A trademark not renewed within the time limit stated in Sub-Article (3) of this Article shall be considered to have been waived or cancelled.

With immediate effect, the EIPO has began implementing the new renewal procedures and shall now record the effecting of a renewal registration and publish the same, at the cost of the trademark owner, in the intellectual property gazette and a newspaper having nationwide circulation.  Publication in the Amharic newspaper is mandatory however, the trademark owner may in addition to that publication, request the same in English.

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