Netherlands: Police Confiscate 245 ‘Pirate’ Media Players

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A tip-up from Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN has led police in the Netherlands to confiscate 245 “pirate” media players. Piracy via Media Players has been challenging and little enforcement effort has been on the rise.

Earlier this year, the European Court of Justice ruled that selling devices pre-configured to obtain copyright-infringing content is illegal making hundreds of sellers to clean up shop through the efforts of anti-piracy group BREIN.

It will be recalled that earlier this year, the Motion Picture Association described pirate media players as a major threat, dubbing them “Piracy 3.0.” While this threat is far from over, it has definitely become riskier for people to get involved in developing and selling these boxes.

It is quite alarming to note that, one of these vendors, located in The Hague who promised not to offer these boxes took off the pirated media players from their online store while they were still sold in the bricks-and-mortar store. This prompted the anti-piracy group to notify police in the Netherlands leading to the seizure of 245 pirate media players few days ago.

BREIN director, Tim Kuik, says they pleaded with merchant shops to stop the sales of pirated media players but they refused and continued selling the devices. He added that these players had caused great damages because people no longer pay for the movies and series they watch. According to him, the defaulters needs to be fined and if they refuse to pay, it may also lead to a prosecution.

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