National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion Urges Firms To Embrace Online Registration


Lagos, Nigeria, July 24, 2015 — Yesterday, while speaking with reporters in Lagos, Mr Lucky Nwosa, a deputy director with the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) urged companies involved in technology transfer to embrace online registration in their applications. According to the director, this would ensure speedy approval of successful agreements and fast-track the time-frame within which agreements would be processed. He encouraged companies to forgo the old habits of sending their consultants to the NOTAP office.

“The office, under the present dispensation, has tried to introduce online-application for registration but old habits die hard. Companies still prefer to use their consultants who will, rather, come in person for obvious reasons… the office has over the years, organised various training programs to educate companies on the necessary requirements and information they should include for their agreements to be successful and approved…For effective technology transfer, applicants are compelled to answer all questions in the application forms that clearly indicate the parameters for such agreements. Those parameters were put in place to fast-track the transfer and acquisition of the technology… the period within which the rights would last should be specified in the contract and the concept of know-how should also be clearly expressed and defined in the contract.”

The deputy director said that there would be no approval for agreements based on assembling of Completely Knocked Down (CKD) parts imported into the country unless there were payments for short-term technical services relating to such.


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