U.S. News | Nanoco Sues Samsung over Quantum Dots Patent Infringement

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Nanoco Technologies, a UK-based nanotechnology company has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court Eastern District of Texas against a South Korean technology giant, Samsung for five patent infringements relating to its quantum dot technology used in LED TVs.

The plaintiff alleges that Quantum dots were created with the use of Nanoco’s patented innovations and had consistently improved the visual aspects of consumer electronic display devices especially on premium LED TV models and made their large-scale synthesis and implementation commercially viable.

The plaintiff reportedly said that Samsung made a deal with Nanoco in 2020 in a bid to evaluate quantum dot technology for use in the emission material of Samsung’s LCD modules.

The plaintiff reportedly said that samples of its quantum dots were given to Samsung but unfortunately, both party’s discussions did not result in a license.

The plaintiff alleges that Samsung incorporated cadmium-free quantum dot technology in its TV displays when it launched its newly-branded, premium QLED TV in 2017.

Nanoco reportedly said that the defendant infringed on its patent which has been registered with US numbers 7,588,828, 7,803,423, 7,867,557, 8,524,365, and 9,680,068 and the infringement have caused lots of damages, confusion, and unfair competition.

Nanoco is seeking a permanent injunction, jury, ad payment of damages caused to Nanoco by the defendant’s unlawful acts of patent infringement.

The case is ongoing.     

Nanoco Technologies Ltd. v. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. et al

Judge:Rodney Gilstrap
Court:Texas Eastern District Court
Case #:2:20-cv-00038
Nature of Suit: Patent
Cause: Patent Infringement
Case Filed:Feb 14, 2020
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