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1. These guidelines are intended for person(s), companies and other stakeholders involved in any act of importation of chemicals into Nigeria.

2. These guidelines are for obtaining permit to import industrial, consumable, laboratory, agricultural and restricted chemicals controlled under international conventions

3. These guidelines are also for obtaining permit to clear chemicals restricted and controlled under international conventions into Nigeria.


An applicant wishing to import chemicals into Nigeria shall provide the following:

1. (i) Application letter on company’s letter head (with telephone/GSM Numbers and e-mail) which should be addressed to The Director Narcotics and Controlled Substances Directorate, National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control, Oshodi, Lagos.

(ii) The applicant should indicate the list of chemicals, the quantities required in standard/metric units and the intended uses of the chemicals in both hard and soft copies (Microsoft excel)

(iii) The applicant shall purchase and duly fill the application form, which should be signed by the Managing Director or Technical Officer.

2. The Technical Officer should have a minimum of OND or equivalent in any related science disciplines and should submit the following:

(i) Copy of certificate of incorporation (Original for sighting)

(ii) A certified true copy of memorandum of Article of Association (Original for sighting)

(iii) One certified true copy of particulars of Directors/Form CO7 (original for sighting)

(iv) Copy of Current Tax Clearance (Original for sighting)

(v) Permit from Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals (applicable to importers of Ammonia Nitrate)

(vi) A letter of authority from Power Holding Corporation of Nigeria (PHCN) for importation of Transformer Oil.

(vii) Proforma Invoice (for permit to import restricted chemicals)

(viii) Evidence of product registration with NAFDAC (where applicable)

(ix) Evidence of NAFDAC Listing Certificate for Marketers of Chemicals (where applicable)

(x) Credentials, medical certificate of fitness, and letter of Appointment/acceptance of the technical officer

(xi) Certificate of manufacture issued by the relevant regulatory body in the country of source.

(xii) Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from the manufacturer which should have the following information:

a. Identification of the product and the company

b. Composition and information on ingredients including CAS

c. Hazard identification

d. First aid measures

e. Fire fighting measure

f. Accidental release measures

g. Handling and storage

i. Exposure control/person protection measures

j. Physical and chemical properties

k. Stability and reactivity

l. Toxicological information

m. Ecological information and

n. Disposal consideration

o. Other information

q. Transport information

r. Regulatory information

3. Request for Additional Chemical

Any request for additional chemicals to an existing permit in a current year should attract another application.

ii The applicant should indicate the list of chemicals, quantities in standard/metric units and the intended uses of the chemicals.

iii The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the additional Chemical items must be submitted.

iv Copy of the previous permit for which additional request is being made.

v. The process should attract additional fee.


1. Permit to clear must be obtained prior to the shipment of goods into Nigeria.

2. Applicant shall apply to the Director, Narcotics & Controlled Substances Directorate, on company’s letter head attaching the following documents

i. Copy of permit to import issued by NAFDAC

ii Copies of shipping documents as follows:-

a. Single goods declaration (SGD FORM)

b. Bill of lading/Airway bill

c. Form M

d. Risk Assessment Report (RAR)

e. Packing list

f. Certificate of analysis/quality Control Certification –

Name, signature and designation of analyst must be clearly stated on the certificate.

g. Certificate of value/commercial invoice

3. Permit should be issued upon satisfactory evaluation.

4. Applicants should note that issuance of permit to import restricted chemicals does not authorize the importer to clear the consignment without first obtaining a permit to clear from the Chemical Import Control Division.


Renewal of permit to import chemicals (excluding restricted and controlled chemicals) into Nigeria is annually and should be done by 31st December, before the expiration of the previous permit.


i) Application for renewal of permit should be addressed to the Director Narcotics and Controlled Substances Directorate stating the list of chemicals, Quantity required in standard/metric unit and intended uses

ii) The following documents should be attached:-

a. Duly filled application form

b. Copy of the expired permit

c. Copy of current tax clearance (original for sighting)

d. Disposal records of the previous year’s importation (For Restricted Chemicals)


1. The labeling on the chemicals must be in accordance with the Global Harmonized System of classification and labeling of chemicals.(GHSS)

2. In addition, the labeling should include:

i) The name of product/brand name and CAS/EINEC NO

ii) Name and address of manufacturer/importer

iii) Batch number

iv) Production and expiration date where applicable

v) Storage conditions

vi) Net weight/volume


Applicant should have storage facilities for chemicals to be imported. The facility should be inspected for compliance with good storage practices.

Routine inspections of storage facilities should be done every three years by NAFDAC to ascertain compliance with good distribution practice.

The warehouse should comply as follows:

1. Location: Chemicals shall not be stored in buildings where people reside or in such a manner as to pose health hazards to the public.

2. Storages: A chemical warehouse shall have well written instructions (Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and records, which documents all activities relating to the storage, distribution and disposal of chemicals.

i Space:

a) The space for storage of chemicals shall be adequate enough to allow for proper and orderly arrangement of the chemicals.

b) The materials should be neatly stacked away from the wall

ii Storage Condition:

a) Chemicals shall be stored under conditions specified by the manufacturer

b) Materials should be stored according to their hazard Class

c) Flammable chemicals should be stacked away from Sources of ignition or sparks

d) Chemicals with affinity for oxidation should be kept away from oxidizing agents.

iii Access to the warehouse is to be restricted

iv The warehouse should be adequately ventilated and well lit

v Expired, obsolete or damaged chemicals are to be isolated and labeled as such

3. Utilities:

i First aid box shall be well stocked with the necessary medicaments.

ii Fire extinguishers

iii Personal protective equipments (PPE) – overalls, boots and nose mask, eye goggle, hand gloves, other equipment appropriate for handling chemicals

iv Availability of water for use in the warehouse

4. Waste disposal facility.


All Payments to the Agency should be in bank draft made to NATIONAL AGENCY FOR FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION & CONTROL.


i. Form = N500

ii Inspection = N 5,000 + 5% VAT

ii. Permit for 25 items = N 16,000 + 5% VAT

2. RESTRICTED CHEMICALS (3 items only)

i. Permit to Import = N 10, 000 + 5% VAT

ii. Permit to Clear N 7, 125 + 5% VAT


i) N 15, 000 + 5% VAT (for only twenty-five items)

ii) Additional pages N11, 130.00 PER page of twenty-five items.


i) Permit N 9, 500 + 5% VAT

ii) Inspection N 5, 000 + 5% VAT (Where applicable)


1. A processing period of ten (10) work days should be allowed between the time of submission of application and a satisfactory warehouse inspection for import permit to be collected.

2. The permit to clear restricted chemicals takes three (3) workdays to process.

The clock stops whenever compliance directive is raised on a process and will continue upon full compliance.

All correspondence in respect of chemicals should be addressed to:

The Director Narcotics and Controlled Substances Directorate,

National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control, Oshodi, Lagos.

Telephone – 014744549 & 01474457

Website www.nafdac.gov.ng

E-mail: ncs@nafdac.gov.ng


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