NAFDAC and the Challenge of Drug Hawking by Haruna Isa


It is an eyesore when one walks into a typical Nigerian market and sees drugs sold openly as if they are common merchandise like clothes and cosmetics. This attitude betrays an acute lack of understanding of the nature of drugs and the obvious fact that those peddling them are not professionals who are authorized to handle such sensitive products. But the practice has continued to thrive nevertheless, aided in part by the patronage of the public who have indirectly continued to sustain the practice.

The practice of selling drugs in the open market has not only affected the general efficacy of drugs by exposing them to extreme temperatures that make them expire early, but has also provided avenue for drug counterfeiters to market their dangerous products to an unsuspecting public, away from the eyes of regulatory agencies like NAFDAC. The major culprit is the chaotic drug distribution system that has seen charlatans jumping on board to sell prescriptive drugs even when they lack the authorization to do so. These charlatans have grown so bold in the recent past that some of them run their practice in the form of a clinic where personnel hand out drugs indiscriminately to sufferers of various ailments. Read more

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