NAFDAC Adds Registered Products Feature to New Website

NAFDAC Adding a Product

January 12, 2013 — NLIPW recently noticed that the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has launched a new website. Going through the site, we observed several innovations, of note is the ‘Product Registration’ feature which is located under the ‘Our Activities’ tab.

The Product Registration feature hosts four lists, namely: Listed Products (mainly bottled and other drinking water products), Registered Food Products, Registered Drugs and Medical Products in Nigeria.  Each list allows users to quickly search for registered products by product name, type, active ingredients, manufacturer and registration number.


We also observed that the Registered Drug list, as of the date of this article, contains 20,702 entries; the Registered Food Products list contains 23,360 entries; the Medical Products list contains 1,531 entries; the Listed Products list contains 1,434 entries; and the Product Registration feature contains 6,434 entries (mainly cosmetic products).

While we were unable to confirm how far back these registrations date, the validity periods for each registration, information relating to the applicants or how often the lists will be updated, it is refreshing to see NAFDAC take steps to make such information publicly available on the Internet.

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