Mozambique: New Fees for Trademark and Patent Applications


The Institute of Industrial Property (IIP) in Mozambique, which is responsible for the establishment, maintenance and cancellation of industrial property recently announced an increase to the official fees for filing trademark and patent applications.

“By Ministerial Order no. 39/201 of 15 May, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of the Economy and Finances have approved new amounts for the fees to be charged to register and maintain industrial property rights”

The IIP, which is under the control of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, recently proposed the revision of the Industrial property code (IPC), leading to the need to revise the focus to adapt them to the changes introduced by the new IPC.

Some of the key changes between the new and old schedule of fees include:

Item/Task New Fees Old Fees
Registration of a National Trademark (by class) 3,037.50 MT (approx.. $50) 2,025 MT (approx.. $34)
Industrial Property Bulletin 900 MT (approx.. $15)

Frequency monthly

600 MT (approx.. $10)

Frequency every two months

Annual Registration of Official Industrial Property Agents 1,500 MT (approx.. $25) 1,000 MT (approx.. $17)

The new schedule of fees also introduces fees for services that were not previously provided. Some of which are provided below:

New Service Fees
Application to restart a process 1,000 MT (approx.. $17)
Issuance of a certificate of archived registrations and processes 1,000 MT (approx.. $17)
Correction of an application before and after publication 500 MT (approx.. $9)

The new schedule of fees, approved by Ministerial Order no. 39/2017 of May 15, 2017, came into force on July 16, 2017.

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