Mother and Daughter Jailed in China for Illegally Selling Vaccines

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A court in China has jailed a mother (Pang Hongwei), and her daughter (Sun Qi) for illegally selling vaccines without a license.

According to a report by Reuters, the pair were involved in illegal trades up to $90 million in the black market. They were found to be guilty on January 24, 2017 of illegally buying up and then selling on a series of vaccines for rabies, meningitis and other areas. Although the vaccines were said to be real, they were obtained without the proper licences.

Pang Hongwei, who is not a first time offender, was sentence to 15 years for her role in the illegal trades. She stored the vaccines she bought, and earned nearly 75 million yuan ($10.93 million) from selling them. She also received an additional six-year prison time for a previous accusation of illegally trading vaccines. She will serve a total of 19 years.

Her daughter, Sun Qi, was sentenced to six years in prison. The court ruled that she had assisted her mother with illegal trades and had earned more than 7.4m yuan (around $1.1m) of her property confiscated.

The vaccines sold as part of the illegal trade activities, especially those for meningitis and other illnesses, are suspected to have being sold in dozens of provinces around China since 2011.

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