Model Sues Kenya Airways for Use of Image

Kenya Airways

A Kenyan woman, Purity Njogu, has reportedly filed a suit against Kenya Airways to protest against the company’s continued use of her photos. Also included as defendants in the suit is Scan Group Limited, an advertising agency.

According to the Plaintiff, Kenya Airways has continued to use her photos in its advertisement despite the fact that the contract with the advertising agency terminated six years ago.

In the court documents, the Plaintiff asserts that she did not surrender her constitutional right to privacy in perpetuity because it is offensive to her dignity and self-worth. She further argues that her right to privacy had been infringed without any sound justification.

“My images and pictures have repeatedly been used and continue being used against my wish for their economic gain in violation of my right to privacy as per the law,” she said

The Plaintiff stated that her friends and family have continued to alert her whenever they see the adverts even on social media platforms. She claims that the action is a breach to her privacy and that she was not paid for the continued use of her image.

The case is currently pending.

Source: nairobinews

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