Mobilize Power Fund Grants for Youth-led Groups, Nonprofits, & Coalitions in the USA

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Submission deadlines for 2019: 
Phone interviews must be completed by 5pm CT (Central Time Zone) of date listed. Written and video applications must be submitted by 12am in your timezone of date listed, unless noted.  

July 9, 2019
August 6, 2019
September 3, 2019
October 1, 2019
November 5, 2019
December 3, 2019

About this Fund
To support bold activism in real time.
The fund seeks to support bold activism in real time. It was launched because the sponsors believe that powerful movements need the ability to respond to and heal from immediate threats and opportunities with flexible and responsive funding opportunities.

Who can apply?
The fund is open to coalitions, informal groups, and nonprofit organizations.
Organizations do not need a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status or a fiscal sponsor to receive funding. The idea is to encourage grassroots organizations, groups, and collectives led by and for young people of color and low-income communities to apply. If you have questions regarding your eligibility you many email or call 917-387-1262 x5.

How does it work?
Proposals are accepted all year and reviewed on a monthly basis.
​Proposals can be submitted at any time but must be submitted by that month’s review deadline date to be considered.

Groups are notified within two weeks after the review deadline. Checks are generally mailed within two to three weeks of notification.

Funding Amount

Grants can be made for up to $7,500 USD. Larger grants may be made on a case-by-case basis. 

Partnership or coalitions of two or more groups can request up to $15,000 USD. 

Groups may not be granted more than once within a 6-month period. Groups applying more than once within the year will be considered upon discretion. Grantees who have not completed their follow-up reporting are ineligible for funding until completion. 

What other criteria is important?

  1. Youth Leadership: Young women of color and/or trans, gender non-conforming, intersex activists, and/or queer youth under 35 are a core part of planning and decision-making processes. Campaigns, efforts, or organizations are led by and for communities impacted by the event or situation you’re responding to.
  2. Gender Justice Focus: Your political analysis and project show how the issue(s) you’re responding to address or are connected to patriarchy, transphobia, homophobia, gender inequity, or gender-based violence. Gender Justice activism includes racial justice, economic justice, immigration justice, reproductive justice, health & HIV/AIDS justice, trans/intersex/queer justice, disability justice, healing justice, anti-violence and/or anti-criminalization work.
  3. Community Power Building: Your proposal’s strategies and activities help build power for youth-led gender justice activism, organizing, and/or healing in your communities, and are connected to the goal(s), outcome(s), and/or changes you want as a result of your proposed actions.
  4. Urgency or Time-Sensitivity: The event or situation you’re responding to was unanticipated, requires urgent or timely action, and/or leverages recent attention or media coverage.
  5. Organizational Need: Priority is given to organizations with budgets under $500,000 and that are based in areas with limited access to philanthropic resources.

1. Actions against criminalization and violence.
2. Urgent community organizing or direct action.
3. Unanticipated legislative or ballot initiative campaigns
4. Leadership training or participatory action research.
5.Healing and healing justice work
6. Legal or bail fee.
7. Marches or rallies
8. Conflict mediation/resolution.
1. Budget shortfalls
2. Ongoing, regularly scheduled programs
3. Start-up or general operating costs
4. Fundraising
5. Previously planned or long-term campaigns
6. Charity

Application Process

​Third Wave Fund is transitioning to an online application portal for proposals submitted in English, as of the January 2019 review cycle.

For additional guidance on using the online application portal, please refer to our How To Guide (PDF).
If you have questions about the online application portal, contact 
If you have questions about the content of your proposal or need to submit proposal materials by email instead, contact

1. Begin your submission process online. You’ll be asked to create an account for your group.

2. After you have created your group’s account, or if you already have an account, please visit the Mobilize Power Fund online portal.

4. Once you have created a profile and logged in to the online portal, you’ll be asked to enter contact information, group information, and brief (1-2 sentence) description of your proposal. A complete proposal will also include the following materials, which you will be asked to upload in the online portal (similar to uploading an email attachment):​

3. Once you have started your proposal, you will be able to save it and return to make changes any time before that month’s review deadline. You may want to gather all of your proposal materials (listed on the next page) before logging in.

  • Answers to application questions (Word / PDF), submitted as a written narrative, selfie video, or phone interview summary
  • Project Budget: include your full budget, even if it exceeds your requested amount
  • Group / Organizational Budget, for your current calendar or fiscal year
  • Fiscal Sponsor’s Organizational Budget, if you are fiscally sponsored
  • 501(c)(3) IRS Letter for your Organization, if you an are independent 501(c)(3), or your Fiscal Sponsor, if you are fiscally sponsored
    (note: as stated above, you do not need to have 501(c)(3) status or a fiscal sponsor to apply for or be awarded a Mobilize Power Fund grant)
  • Graphics or photos related to group / organization / partnership and/or your proposed work

    They will send an email to confirm the receipt of your materials within 24 hours of the application deadline. If you do not receive a confirmation receipt, please email to follow up. Thank you!

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