Microsoft Launches Intune for Education to Rival Google’s Chromebooks in Schools

Intune for Education

Microsoft recently announced the launch of Intune for Education, a new cloud-based application and device management service that will help schools easily set up and manage classroom devices.

Specially designed for schools who want to put devices in classrooms and not touch them again for the rest of the school year, Intune for Education makes it easy for either IT admins, or teachers playing the role of IT in the classroom, to get up-and-running in minutes on Windows 10 devices and easily manage shared devices.

Microsoft references the fact that new Windows 10 Devices Offer Great Alternatives to Chromebooks. This is especially of interest since there is research out there suggesting that Chromebooks accounted for 51% of devices shipped to US classrooms in the first quarter of 2016.  Google has also claimed that more than 60 million students and teachers were using Google Education accounts.

 Microsoft also made other anouncements:

“… in partnership with OEMs, we are delighted to announce that starting at just $189, Windows 10 PCs are available today from Acer, HP and Lenovo, with many devices featuring Windows Ink, touch support and with great designs that are perfect for the classroom.   Now Windows 10 devices offer the power, performance and security schools need at the same price as Chromebooks, with none of the compromises. Finally, we are launching a new update for Minecraft: Education Edition, with popular features requested by our community.

It will be interesting to see the impact of both Microsoft and Google in the education space.

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