Malaysian News | Authorities Block over 240 Illegal Websites Related to Pirate Set-Top Boxes

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Malaysian authorities has taken a giant step in cracking down pirated websites in Malaysia. Malaysia took action against 246 websites that offer access to content through illegitimate means. This was discovered after some importers and distributors were caught selling Android devices offering pirated content which led to the takedown.

As the menace of piracy becomes a serious concern, it’s no longer difficult to search for pirate set-top boxes as there have been hundreds of options to choose from and easily find vendors even on social media platforms.

The decision to crack down these websites was piloted by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry and Malaysian Communica­tions and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

“We are working closely with the ministry and only through their complaints and the details provided to us, such as their domain and URLs of the illegal streaming sites, can we act to block the access” – MCMC Network Security and Enforcement Sector Chief Officer Zulkarnain Mohd Yasin said.

Malaysian authorities are planning on setting certification and quality assurance standards that set-top boxes need to pass if they are to be approved for sale.

Samples of the set-top boxes will be submitted to the authorities for approval according to the certification and assurance standards.

Failure to meet the set standards can lead to fines of up to US$24,500.

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