Luminex Sues Curiox BioSystems for Trademarks Infringement

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Biotechnology company, Luminex, has filed a trademark infringement case against Curiox Biosystems, an emerging leader in bioassay technology. Luminex is accusing Curiox of creating and implementing a scheme to confuse and divert their market with the trick of affiliation with Luminex.

As filed in the Texas Western District Court, Luminex alleges that Curiox has tricked customers into engrafting Curiox’s non-validated parts into the Luminex system.

Luminex alleges that Curiox is engaged in false and misleading advertising about the Luminex system and that Curiox components purportedly integrate with Luminex System.

They further allege that the main aim of Curiox’s is to cobble together an invalidated ‘Frankenstein-Ish system’ that fails at assay testing.

It is worthy of note that, Curiox claims that when customers replace their Luminex Microtiter plate – an element central to the Luminex system and instead utilize Curiox’s Drop-Assay plates and then purchase Curiox’s proprietary washing unit will give a superior sensitivity over Luminex system.

Luminex’s alleged the advert to be perpetually untrue and has asked the court to stop Curiox from advertising its products and pay for damages.

The case is currently pending.

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