Liberia Gets New Intellectual Property Law

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July 3, 2016 – Liberia’s House of Represenatatives recently approved a new Intellectual Property law termed Liberia Intellectual Property Act. The Act which was unanimously passed on June 14, 2016 aims to prevent counterfeiting and also provides for inventions, ownership of artistic works, and academic research.

Speaking about the new Act, Charles K. Bardyl, Chairman of the Committee on Commerce and Industry stated “the Liberia Intellectual Property Act will bring the country into full compliance with her international obligations”.

It would be recalled that last September, the Liberian Senate unanimously gave their approval for the Liberia Intellectual Property Act of 2014. Once signed by the President, the effect of the new Act will be to repeal the Act Adopting the Copyright Law of the Republic of Liberia approved on July 23, 1997 and the Industrial Property Act approved on March 20, 2003 constituting Title 24 of the Liberian Code of Law.

The law is expected to spur innovation and creativity, as well as lead to the creation of new job opportunities throughout Liberia.

Source: Daily Observer

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