LG Wins Major Victory in Case against Headset Counterfeiters

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LG Electronics MobileComm USA has been awarded more than $168 million in damages in a case against Headset Counterfeiters. The court found that the 17 defendants were liable for manufacturing, distributing, trafficking and selling counterfeit and knockoff LG TONE headsets.

The court case was filed in May 2016 with LG originally asked for $200 million in damages.

Speaking about the ruling in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California,  Chang Ma, president of LG Electronics Mobile USA and head of the LG Electronics North American mobile business, is reported to have stated:

“Our customers must feel confident that they are purchasing genuine high-quality LG TONE headsets….The LG TONE Bluetooth neckband headsets created a new product category, and these products remain category leaders. With such hard-earned success came freeloading counterfeiters and knockoff artists, who seek to dupe and confuse potential consumers into buying poorly performing, shoddy products under the false pretense that such goods are made or authorized by us.”

Ma also stated that LG strives to ensure that its customers have a favorable experience when buying LG TONE headsets through trusted retailers and distributors. “These fine stores and outlets are likewise deserving of protection from counterfeits and knockoffs, because such illicit goods harm the very bedrock of their businesses, too. We share their frustration and anger,” he said.

According to the default judgment, LG succeeded in showing the companies had sold products that unfairly copied about 15 marks registered to LG.

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