Lagos State Government Shuts Down 29 Illegal Pharmacies


Lagos, Nigeria, July 16, 2015 — The Lagos State Government, through its Taskforce on Fake, Counterfeit and Unwholesome Processed Foods, has shut down 29 pharmacies across the State for operating illegally. In accordance with Chapter C34 of the Counterfeit, Fake Drugs and Unwholesome Processed Foods (Miscellaneous Provision) Act of 1999, officials of the Taskforce raided the illegal pharmacies on Monday and shut down the facilities for operating without registering with the government.

According to Dr. Modele Osunkiyesi, Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Health,  the shops were sealed off for various offences including sales of drugs without license from the regulatory authority, sales of counterfeit and fake drugs, and failure or refusal to relocate from a market area and adherence to the mandated distance between a patent medicine shop and market place as stipulated by the law

The closure is part of the government’s efforts at ridding the state of fake, substandard and illegal drugs’ operators and outlets as well as ensuring high drug quality through sanitation and streamlining of drug distribution system in the state”… Dr. Modele Osunkiyesi


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