Kenyan Company Sues Asia Sports Betting Firm for Trademark Infringement

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A Kenyan Design firm, Dafabet Kenya Ltd., is suing one of Asia’s biggest sports betting firm for trademark infringement. Asian Betting and Gaming Enterprises is accused of using the name ‘Dafabet’ despite the same being registered locally by Dafabet Kenya Ltd.

According to the Plaintiff, the Asian firm is using the name ‘Dafabet’ to promote sports betting in the country and launched its Kenyan site in March. But Dafabet Kenya which describes itself as a Kenya-registered “top house sports designer input and equipment” firm is objecting to the use of the name.

“The defendant is involved in sports betting and gaming activities for gain and the defendant is currently unlawfully, illegally and wrongfully carrying out the same in Kenya under the Plaintiff’s name, Dafabet Kenya,” court papers filed by lawyer Anthony Kiprono read in part.

The Kenya firm claims that the use of the name ‘Dafabet’ has caused confusion among its customers as it does not engage in betting. The company claims that its core business is indoor sports spaces designing.

Reportedly, sports betting enthusiasts have been making inquiries on games to bet on through the client’s face book page and email accounts, and this puts the company at risk.

“Defendant’s illegal use of the plaintiff’s name Dafabet Kenya not only confuses the Plaintiff’s clients but exposes the Plaintiff to third-party claims that may arise from the defendant’s illegal acts,” states the plaintiff in court papers.

Dafabet Kenya wants the court to issue an injunction preventing the Asian firm from using the name ‘Dafabet” locally.

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