‘It’s Sad We’re Less-Competitive Against Imported Brands in Our Country’ by Patrick Anegbe


IP News

As a child Patrick Anegbe was fascinated with airplanes and machines. So he dreamt he would become an engineer someday. He did. Another memorable childhood event he recalls is stealing into his father’s room to have a taste of his Whiskey. “I liked the aroma,” he said. He did not eventually fly airplanes or create machines but by some providence ended up distilling the stuff he had sneaked into his father’s room to have a taste of. After graduating as an electrical engineer from Auchi Polytechnic and obtaining a Masters degree in Production Operations Management from the Lagos State University, Anegbe attended several business schools including  the Lagos Business School, ISA Business School, Barcelona, the University Of Chicago School of Business, the IMD School of Business in Brazil among others. Anegbe, managing director of Intercontinental Distilleries Limited speaks with KASIE ABONE about the challenges local producers face and why the government should protect local players. Read more

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