How to Change the Address of a Trademark Owner in Nigeria


Many times, after initially filing a trademark application in Nigeria, a trademark owner may find that there is a need to change the address used in their initial application. In some cases, this happens were the owner of the trademark has moved their place of business or where individual owners have changed their contact information.

This article works you through the process of filing a change of address for trademarks in Nigeria. For the Trademarks Registry’s purpose, this process is called a recordal of change of address or changes in registered particulars.

Requirements for Filing a Change of Address (For the Trademark Owner)

The only document needed from the client is a Power of Attorney (POA or Form 1). The Form is required to be signed by the Trademark Owner but notarization is not required.

Requirements for Filing a Change of Address (For the Trademark Lawyer)

  1. You will need a signed Form 1 (POA). Your client is not required to notarize the form in Nigeria.
  2. You will need to submit Form 19 – Change of Address. You can do this online using the registry’s online portal.
  3. You will need information about the trademark e.g. the File/TP Number for marks awaiting registration or the RTM number if the mark has already been registered.

How Much Does It Cost to File a Change of Address in Nigeria?

The simple answer is that lawyer fees vary depending on experience, background and expertise. The current official fee is NGN 10,770.00 (approximately $28). However most lawyers charge around $300 as professional fees for filing trademark change of address in Nigeria.

Trademark owners and applicants are encouraged to promptly notify the trademark registry of any changes of address.

For more information on filing trademark change of address and other contact information in Nigeria, please email

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