Heineken Faces Website Patent Infringement Claims

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A Texas-based company, Guyzar LLC  has filed a patent infringement suit against Heineken centering on the brewing company’s website. Guyzar claims that it is the owner of US patent number 5,845,070, titled ‘070 patent, entitled “Security System for Internet Provider Transaction”, and that Heineken was “profiting in an illegal and unauthorized manner”

Except from the complaint:

Defendant’s website includes features, such as the “Sign In with” Feature (the “Accused Instrumentality”), that allow for the authentication of a user’s confidential information and for the preservation of the confidentiality of said information against unauthorized use, said information being essential for conducting Internet transactions between a log-in and log-out session. For example, the Accused Instrumentality utilizes the OAuth open standard to provide a method of authenticating a user’s confidential information and preserving said confidential information against unauthorized use as recited by at least the preamble of Claim 1 of the ‘070 Patent.

The elements described in paragraphs 13-20 are covered by at least claim 1 of the ‘070 patent. Thus, Defendant’s use of the Accused Instrumentality, including the use by Defendants’ end-users and employees, is enabled by the process described in the ‘070 patent.

The case was filed on Friday, January 13, at the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division.

Guyzar further stated:

Defendant has directly infringed and continues to directly infringe at least claim 1 of the ‘070 patent by using the Accused Instrumentality which allows end-users to log in and make their respective purchases or access their services, without authority in the United States, during the period in which the ‘070 Patent was unexpired, causing damages to Plaintiff for that period of time.

By engaging in the conduct described herein, Defendant has injured Guyzar and is thus liable for infringement of the ‘070 patent, pursuant to 35 U.S.C. § 271.

Guyzar has asked the court for a ruling in its favour, an award of damages to compensate for the alleged infringement, and injunctive relief.

As a result of Defendant’s infringement of the ‘070 patent, Guyzar has suffered monetary damages and is entitled to a monetary judgment in an amount adequate to compensate for Defendant’s past infringement, together with interests and costs.

The company has demanded a trail by a jury.

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