HBO Sues Chinese Restaurant for Trademark Infringement


American premium cable and satellite television network, HBO, is reportedly suing a Chinese restaurant for infringing its trademark. According to a news report, the restaurant named HBO Studio Restaurant, which is located in the Wuxi, Jiangsu Province of China, is accused of infringing the ‘HBO’ trademark.

The restaurant has been in business in the city for five years and registered the trademark HBO on July 4, 2012, earlier than the U.S. company’s registration in China, according to the Chinese daily Global Times.

Zhang Jian, who is the co-owner of the restaurant, has reportedly said that there is no direct conflict of interest in this case as his establishment is licensed to do business in the catering industry, while the U.S. company focuses on the film and television industry.

HBO is reported to have sent a legal notice to the restaurant along with documents to back its trademark infringement claims. HBO Studio Restaurant has in its defense, enlisted the help of a trademark agency.

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