Game of Thrones Piracy Grows, More Than 90 Million People around the World

Game of Thrones

This season, Game of Thrones has had it pretty tough, not necessarily because of the ‘white walkers’ but due to piracy. According to news reports, last week’s episode of Games of Thrones was viewed by even more people globally than the season premiere – a record at the time, with 4.7 million viewers watching on Sky.

Sadly, Sky news reports that more than 90 million people around the world watched the pirated copy. According to their report, the U.K. had over 6 million viewers, the U.S. followed the piracy rate level notwithstanding the maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment for people found guilty of copyright infringement.

Its alarming to see piracy becoming a bane to genuity due to the fact that the internet has made it extremely difficult for law enforcement to take appropriate actions. Nevertheless, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU), a specialist team in the City of London force, sponsored by the Intellectual Property Office is currently working on new techniques to disrupt online piracy.

PIPCU Officer, Paul Hogarth, has reportedly stated that moves are on to disrupt illegal streaming where classical enforcement action does not work.  He added that the borderless nature of the internet makes it difficult for enforcement and anti-counterfeiting measures. Users who are pirates can hide their IP address and act like they are in another country. He further added that PIPCU are committed to dealing with this online menace by disrupting piracy activities.

Hogarth said PIPCU through her Operation Creative has disrupted online streaming piracy which prevents advertisers from working with copyright infringing websites, taking away criminals’ revenue and making them lose money but this isn’t effective as shut down sites can pop up the next day.

Games of Thrones has quickly become one of the most pirated materials in history due to its massive piracy by online users around the world.

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