Egypt Intellectual Property Office Launches Electronic Filing System for Patent Applications

Electronic Filing
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The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) recently shared the exciting news that Egypt’s Intellectual Property Office is now accepting electronic filing of patents via ePCT.

WIPO tweeted:

A two page document on WIPO’s website shows that applicants seeking to file patent applications in Egypt can do so in either Arabic or English. The document also lists a number of patent offices worldwide as “Competent International Searching Authority” including Austrian Patent Office, Egyptian Patent Office, European Patent Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Austrian Patent Office, Egyptian Patent Office, European Patent Office (with some restrictions) and the USPTO are also listed as “Competent International Preliminary
Examining Authority.”

To complete an application, a power of attorney is needed and an agent is required only if an applicant is a non-resident.

With regard to the fees payable to the receiving office, a sliding scale is applied on the fees depending on a number of factors.

Fees payable to the receiving Office: Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP) and US dollar (USD)
·         Transmittal fee: USD 142
·         International filing fee:7 USD 1,367
·         Fee per sheet in excess of 30:7 USD 15
Electronic filing

(the request in character coded format):

USD 206
Electronic filing

(the request, description, claims and abstract in character coded format):

USD 308
Search fee: See Annex D(AT), (EG), (EP) or (US)
Fee for priority document: USD 30
Fee for requesting restoration of the right of priority EGP 800 (individuals and research institutes)

EGP 1,000 (companies less than 10 employees)

(PCT Rule 26bis.3(d)): EGP 1,500 (companies over 10 employees)

7 This fee is reduced by 90% if certain conditions apply (see Annex C(IB)).

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