eBay Launches eBay Authenticate to Combat Counterfeiting

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January 13, 2017 — Ebay recently announced the launch of a new authentication program called  eBay Authenticate, which will allow sellers to opt in to have their goods verified. eBay authenticate is aimed at boosting consumer trust, while at the same time allowing sellers increase the prices they charge.

How it works

Sellers or buyers can opt into the service for a fee on specified types of items on eBay. If an item sells, it will be reviewed by a professional authenticator before being shipped to the buyer. If the item passes inspection, it will be shipped to the buyer.

Who does the program benefit?

Both buyers and sellers can benefit from the program. For buyers, this service will help them drive sales, promote products and get top dollar for their items. For buyers, it adds another layer of trust to allow them shop more confidently.

The program will be available to all sellers and is expected to focus on high-end fashion items.

With some of the biggest names in e-commerce battling with the issue of counterfeiting, this might just be the right time for this.

Source: TechCrunch

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