Disney Sued for Copyright Infringement over Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise

Image Credit: © Wangkun Jia | Dreamstime

Screenwriters Lee Alfred II and Ezequiel Martinez Jr and producer Tova Laiter have filed a lawsuit in a federal court in Colorado alleging that Disney has infringed on the original copyrighted expression of themes, settings, dialogue, characters, plot, mood (and) sequence of events contained in an original spec screenplay entitled Pirates of the Caribbean.

Disney has been sued for copyright infringement over the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. According to court papers, the writers alleged that they submitted the scripts to Disney Executive Brigham Taylor in August 2000, while working on Red Hood project.

“… This dream quickly turned into a nightmare, when their original work, ‘The Screenplay’ was intentionally copied and commercially exploited by defendant’s, creating a billion-dollar franchise, with no credit or compensation to Alfred or Martinez,” states the lawsuit.

Disney Executive, Brigham Taylor, reportedly suggested that the idea of the film based on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride had been suggested over the years.

Same infringement was seen and copied by the defendant into Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and in every subsequent sequel, including the 2017 release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

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