Davos 2015 – Pre Annual Meeting 2015 Press Conference

The 2015 Pre Annual Meeting was held earlier today in Davos in preparation for events next week. The Pre Annual Meeting highlighted the official programme, areas of interest and participants at this year’s meeting in Davos.

This year’s meeting will include a ‘Walk for Education’ to support school children in rural South Africa, discussions on how economic development strategies are adjusting across the African continent, and societal, economic and political shifts that are accelerating competitiveness on the African continent.

In terms of business participation, the meeting is expected to attract about 1500 participants from 25 sectors from all over the world. According to Helena Leurent, Head of Business Engagement “…there is exceptional interest, we have participants joining us from all around the world. In fact we are seeing that a third are from North America, a third from Europe and a third from the rest of the world, …in particular the MINT — Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey, there is additional interest there and not only from a regional perspective do we have diversity, also from a sectoral perspective.

For the full programme of the Annual Meeting 2015, click here.


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