Nigeria – Application to register the trademark: TRANSLINK

Trademark Class: 7
Application or Filing Number: F/TM/O/2019/148264
Applicant Name or Trademark Owner Information: TL POWER TRANSMISSION SL

Specification of Goods/Services: Machines, machine tools, power-operated tools; Motors and engines, except for land vehicles; Machine coupling and transmission components, except for land vehicles; Agricultural implements, other than hand-operated hand tools; Incubators for eggs; Automatic vending machine, Rack and pinion jacks, Starter pinions, Gear wheels for machines, Cam sprockets, Abrasive discs [machine tools], Grindstones [parts of machines], Polishing discs [parts of machines], Machine wheelwork, Gear cutters [machines], Gear units for machines, Rolling gearings [other than for land vehicles], Gear boxes for hydraulic transmissions [other than for land vehicles], Gear units for power transmissions, other than for land vehicles, Speed change gears
being parts of machines, Gear pumps, Conveying chains, Toothed wheels for driving chains, Roller chains being parts of machines, Wire chain belts for machines, Link chains for driving purposes [other than for land vehicles], Pulleys, Belt pulleys being parts of machines, Drive pulleys,Belt pulleys, Bearings and bushings [machine parts], Ball bushings, Bushings being parts of machines, Belts for machines, Belt drives, Belt tensioners, Timing belts for machines, Universal joints [Cardan joints], Couplings for machines, Shaft couplings [machines], Power transmission couplings for machines, Antifriction bearings for machines, Bushings for the keying of rolling bearings, Bearing inserts [machine parts], Hangers [parts of machines], Workpiece carriers [machines], Hydraulic pumps, Heat insulated metal piping elements [parts of machines], Joints for tubes (metal -) [parts of engines]; Hydraulic transmissions, other than for land vehicles Hoses (Non-metallic -) for transferring hydraulic power in machines; Cast iron parts for pipes [parts of machines]; Plastics pipes [fitted parts of machines]; Pre-insulated bonded metal pipes [fitted parts of machines]; Pressure pipes of metal [parts of machines]; Tubes being fitted parts of machines Metal branching pipes [parts of machines] Hoses (Metal -) for transferring hydraulic power in machines Joints for tubes (metal -) [parts of engines]; Clamp connectors for piping [parts of machines]; Pre-insulated bonded pipes (non-metallic -) [parts of machines]; Valves; Hoses (Metal -) for use in hydraulic systems in machines; Hoses (Non-metallic -) for use in hydraulic systems in machines.

This trademark application has been filed in Nigeria.
Trademark Application Filing Date: 2019-04-25

Status History:    2019-04-25: This Trademark was filed in Nigeria


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